Acupuncture Treatment
Cosmetic Rejuvenation

Neck/facial/scalp acupuncture based on a protocol of a Japanese cosmetic dermatologist

Cosmetic rejuvenation can be included in your session of Chudo protocol acupuncture.

According to a innovative Japanese cosmetic dermatologist (not a cosmetic surgeon), facial tissues are very delicate and should be treated gently. This acupuncture treatment will improve your whole body and neck/facial skin texture and reduce the wrinkles instantly without direct interaction on your face itself. Also needling on scalp is inclusive as the circulation to the scalp affects facial circulation.   
This treatment easily helps rejuvenate your senses and invigorates your skin tones.


Stand alone session allow 30mins $70

(Concession no health fund rebate $60)

includes: consultation, assessment, whole body treatment, evaluation and home skincare advice

All health fund rebate applicable


Please contact Yoshi 0413 911 142