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Eliminate negative energy and enhance your health and life

Feng Shui is a conditioning method as if Qi and Blood on the human body. Feng (Wind) is invisible energy, whereas Shui (Water) is physical visible energy. They are surrounding us and flowing in our environment and affect our lives.

When we were born, we got Four Pillars or eight Chinese characters depends on the year, month and time you were born. Those eight characters show your energy distribution in your life.  

Feng Shui works for your environment where you spend most of your time, while Four Pillars tell us your energy distribution or your destiny. If you have difficulties in your life, they can be eliminated with remedies and you can improve your health and life.

Feng Shui is often recommended for individuals who want to find true love, for couples who want to have a baby and anyone who want to get well.

Four Pillars consultation can find your destiny and advise you how to avoid bad luck including health problems and also enhance your good luck such as careers or money in your life. 


Feng Shui basic consultation based on the universal school and on your birthday $168

For more powerful Flying Star Feng Shui analysis is also available up on request.

Four Pillars consultation for Chudo clients $98

Four Pillars consultation for non-Chudo clients $128

Please feel free to request an sample analysis.


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