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Back Massage
Remedial Massage

All hands therapeutic treatment with advanced techniques

There are thousands of places that provide massage. At Chudo, we provide Advanced Remedial Massage which is based on Yoshi's 20+ years of experiences. Yoshi uniquely approaches on not just specific muscles but your whole body fascial network; when some muscles are overworked and tight, fascias (covering your whole body attaching to the skin) are worn-out and loose. Yoshi tries balance the tight-loose and your pain or discomfort will be released.

Pregnancy massage is also tailored for lower back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica (heavy sore leg) etc.

As a regular massage session helps sustain your health, we set monthly and fortnight return session fees competitive and affordable for you. Please see the fee below.

Inclusive techniques:

Posture alignment assessment


Myofascial release

Art Riggs' Deep tissue

Lymphatic drainage


Stickers with 0.6mm long needles


  • Initial session 60mins $120

  • Initial session after Chudo acupuncture 60mins $100

  • Monthly return session 60mins $88

  • Fortnightly return session 60mins $80, 30mins $60

Note: Each session time includes your changing time.

Health fund rebates applicable (except NIB)


Please contact Yoshi 0413 911 142

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