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Japanese Anma Massage

Deep relaxation without (clothes-one/dry) or with oil

Traditional Japanese Massage called Anma primarily focuses on your skin with the therapist's smooth kneading strokes, which lead you to deep relaxation. With camellia Tsubaki oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil or pure Shea butter, it nurtures your skin.  Then according to your conditions, you will feel good-pressure (deep tissue release techniques). As a result, your brain will fall in deep relaxation, and stress and tight muscles will be released.

A 90mins session will include sufficient abdominal, facial and scalp treatments as well as neck, arms, back, legs and foot reflexology, while a 60mins session will be focused on your body or brief facial and scalp treatment will be also included.

The aroma of your preferred essential oil blends works on your nervous system and good to it releases your subconscious tension as same as tight muscles. 

30mins back and neck session Traditional $60 

60mins head to toe session Traditional $90

60mins session with high grade therapeutic oil $120

90mins session with high grade therapeutic oil $160


Please contact Yoshi 0413 911 142

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