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Chudo Protocol:
Qi-Blood-regulating Japanese Acupuncture & Moxa Therapy

A fully attended, head to toe treatment for prompt recovery

Most popular, only Chudo presents a "last resort" proactive acupuncture treatment rather than a consultation.


Recommended for

  • all types of musculoskeletal conditions; muscle-ache, join pain (neck, shoulders, elbows, knees, low back etc), nerve related pain (sciatica, facial paralysis)

  • Gynaecological conditions; endometriosis, PCOS, fibroid, enhancing natural fertility, IVF support (improving eggs quality, assistance of conception)

  • mental health conditions; anxiety, depression, memory issues, panic disorder etc

  • digestive conditions; loose stools, constipation, ulcers, colitis etc

  • other conditions; eye, ear, throat, autoimmune diseases, etc   

  • and work related injuries (Worksafe recognised provider) 

This proactive acupuncture treatment includes;

  1. initial consultation with body alignment check

  2. bedside Toyohari pulse and Chudo original hara (stomach) diagnosis based on classical Chinese medicine texts

  3. whole body qi-blood regulating contact needling while harmonising the autonomic nervous system, which controls the microcirculation, homeostasis and metabolism subconsciously.

  4. qi-blood regulating needling on hands and feet as well as on your neck/face/scalp for rejuvenation and thead moxa as required

  5. on your back, local/specific area and toe/soles treatment according to your symptoms

  6. remain some tiny stickers with a needle

  7.  evaluation (pulse and hara diagnosis and re-evaluation of body alignment) to confirm your recovery (you will also find the improvement)

  8. qi-blood regulating acupuncture impacts a lot on your body. Drink water and have a good sleep on the night to optimise the effect 

Qi-Blood simultaneous regulating Japanese acupuncture (Chudo protocol) is gentle yet energetic and subtle. Our needles are superfine hair-like and sterilised. Most of our clients do not have to feel needle's sensation nor to be of patience and that's why they feel so relaxed.

In Chudo protocol acupuncture treatments, the acupuncturist will not leave you alone but fully attended because our treatment is totally dedicated to you and required to check your condition by pulse and hara all the time.

Unlike a session of orthodox acupuncture consultations/treatments, a session of qi-blood regulating acupuncture includes evaluation phases. A treatment is finished as your guts are energised and balanced and as your pain/discomfort has gone (for some nerve related symptoms the effect may be shown next day). 


  • Initial / All-in-one session allows 60mins $150 (worth $190)

  • Initial session without Cosmetic Rejuvenation $120

  • Second within 14 days without Cosmetic Rejuvenation $110

Note: Each session time includes your changing time


Please text anytime for both acute and chronic conditions

Yoshi 0413 911 142

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