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Mother and Newborn
Kodakara Japanese 
Acupuncture & Moxa
for fertility~pregnancy

Kodakara is a Japanese expression that children are as precious as treasures. Different from other fertility acupuncture consultation/treatment, Yoshi's Kodakara acupuncture is tailored to support all aspects of your mind-body-spirit. This acupuncture treatment accelerates the digestive function. Collaborating Kodakara acupuncture with naturopathy with Sachi will let your dream come true in a shorter period. 

Yoshi carefully tonify your weak meridians and balances your qi and blood circulation, which is most important to nurture quality eggs and to get your uterus lining ready.

A Kodakara treatment is recommended for natural fertility and IVF support.

Yoshi can tell your physical, mental and spiritual readiness and will advise what you should be careful and should do daily.

Kodakara Package includes 3 treatment sessions of Chudo protocol acupuncture to improve your constitutional status and moxa home care advices. 


Kodakara Initial Package 3 sessions $360 (Worth Initial $150 + Follow up 2 sessions $120 x2)

A Follow-up session within 4 weeks allows 30mins $80

A Pregnancy session allows 30mins $80

Health funds rebate applicable


Please text Yoshi 0413 911 142

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