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Self care at home

To improve your conditions at home, Yoshi provides some diet advice and home care tools. -Kinesiology tape: Yoshi applies kinesiology tape in general way and advanced way. Generally kinesiology tape is used for muscle and joint related injuries and symptoms. In another way, it is very helpful to increase body circulation and to decrease nurve pains.

-Micro patch needle or Pyonex, which is created by Seirin, a Japanese most trusted needle maker, is mainly recommended for chronic conditions from musculoskeletal to intestinal. It is called "needle" but actual length is only 0.3mm or 0.6mm. It is on dermis level and there is no sensation. But such tiny needles show various tremendous effects. The selection of point or acupoints is very important to get a maximum result. You will be advised the point locations during your session. -Moxa Therapy: Moxa therapy or moxibustion is a form of traditional Japanese home care tools. Traditionally Japanese acupuncturists instruct activated acupoints to patients and they can practise moxa therapy at home. You can get smokeless moxas which do not have smoke nor strong smell.

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