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Finally... Online booking is available

Finally the toughest lockdown in the world has ended!

Thank you for choosing Chudo acupuncture!

I have been requested to take online bookings. Now it is the time.

Please find Book Now button on our top page to open our online booking site for:

This includes all not just a body but also a facial treatment, which is recommended to those who have headache/migraine, TMJ issues, sleeping issues, lost/losing hairs, and of course, facial issues.

Kodakara 子宝 means a precious baby. If are thinking to have a baby, this session with gentle acupuncture and warm tiny thread moxa pieces will increase your natural vital sources.

This is the most popular treatment, which will drastically improve your body constitutions and symptomatic conditions at the same time with acupuncture and moxa (no facial treatment).

As an allied health practitioner, I, Yoshi is fully vaccinated to provide a safe environment and your peace of mind.


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