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Bolster your immunity and manage anxiety with Japanese wisdom

Dear Chudo clients and potential clients,

I hope you are OK physically and also psychologically and mentally.

The novel coronavirus has changed our world.

I thought I kept Chudo practice open while we are allowed.

However, I chose to stay home and I would like you to stay home too. I can't guarantee if I am not infected as COVID-19 may be asymptomatic. If I were contracted without symptoms, the best way for me was to minimise the risk on society.

We are under the state of emergency and our body started copying with the significant changes, and now you are in the fight and fright mode.

During the first week, when the stage 1 lockdown was just exercised, you have been excited and might not have felt much tired.

However, we are now in the second week of the lockdown.

Some of you may show tiredness and exhaustion.

The government released mental health support packages.

I believe what I can do for you online (not face-to-face) is to talk with you with Skype, Zoom, Team, FaceTime or whatever called video chat, and tell you how your body is reacting and how to care yourself.

I thought I am OK as an acupuncturist. My immunity is strong enough.

But, recently I checked my hands and arms, andI realised how much I am exhausted and anxious!

Personally I got shocked as now I can't go to the gym for a while. My body reacted to the shock subconsciously...

I did treat myself with some sticker needles and micro-tiny moxa punks. I got better, but under this condition, I may need to do this regularly.

When you are healthy, acupuncture points cannot be found.

However, those points emerge when you are not so strong enough to combat with external pathogens such as viruses.

We know that acupuncture points are ON the skin/body. What you need to do is gently stimulate some points ON the skin/body. I will show you how to find acupuncture points by yourself and how to treat yourself at home.

My consultation is wholistic and will work for your mind-body-spirit.

15 minutes video consultation $15

30minutes initial video consultation $30

EFT or credit card payment please.

I may tell you to get some tool/s (around $3 to $15) from a chemist but that's up to you. I will teach you alternatives if you can't afford.

Please let me keep assisting you to feel safe and stay well with Japanese wisdom and my experience during this uncertain, hard time.

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