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What is Japanese acupuncture?

Hi, I'm Yoshie Asahara, a Japanese acupuncturist. Please call me Yoshi if you can read Japanese. (You don't have to call me Yoshiye.) I started practicing authentic Japanese acupuncture in Australia in 2003.

Recently many acupuncturists in the world started practicing "Japanese acupuncture". Then, what is Japanese acupuncture?

Although acupuncture was invented in ancient China around 4,000 years ago, Chinese medicine including acupuncture was imported to Japan around 1,400 years ago (A.D.600). Since then, acupuncture has developed in Japanese culture.

Acupuncture practised in Japan is various - from those following Eastern traditional method to those based on Western medicine. Yoshie has a flexible view and tells what types of acupuncture suits you according to your conditions.

There are various schools of acupuncture in Japan. Keiraku Chiryo (in Japanese) or Qi-regulating acupuncture (Meridian Therapy) is one of such schools and it is originally formed by blind acupuncturists. Human body has 12 main energy channels and 2 extra channels, and they are called Meridians. In the treatment, 12 main channels are examined based on your pulses on your both wrists. In Chudo Protocol, the acupuncturist also carefully assesses your hara (abdominal) conditions which meridian is most affected (often weakest). Then, the imbalance of intra-meridians and of inter-meridians are harmonised with very gentle techniques using Japanese style needles, which are as fine as hair. After Qi-regulation, the Chudo practitioner regulates Blood as well. Because both Qi and Blood is harmonised in a session, the Chudo protocol is dynamic and powerful enough to achieve your recovery promptly.

You don't have to feel needles' stimulation since Chudo protocol acupuncture is normally a very subtle or superficial treatment. However, it is an intense fully attended treatment. It influences your body; especially on 2 opposing divisions of the autonomic nervous system, which function subconsciously for the homeostasis and metabolism, immune system etc.

If you decide to try acupuncture, I hope you try Chudo protocol acupuncture first.

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