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On where of the body acupuncture works

Time flies!

I felt the summer in 2017/18 was long and skipped autumn. Or in autumn now?

In early April, my acupuncture friend posted quite sensational news on his facebook.

Scientists discovered Interstitium, a new organ, which is number 80.

Interstitium means spaces filled with fluid.

This is also found between the skin and muscles.

What acupuncturists are balancing (if the acupuncturist says acupuncture balances your energy) is interstitial fluid balance underneath the skin, I hypotheses.

That's why very shallow acupuncture without reaching muscles, which is practiced in Japan widely, works enough.

Not just the public but also many acupuncturists are skeptical about the effectiveness of shallow acupuncture needling.

I believe that this scientific discovery will promote shallow needling acupuncture or sham acupuncture to proper acupuncture in the research field.