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Anmaya Traditional Japanese massage stall @Queen Victoria Market

Have you had Traditional Japanese massage called Anma before?

This is similar to Chinese and Korean but Anma Japanese massage has some Japanese features.

Kneading with pressure with thumbs and hands (rarely used elbows which is damaging muscle tissues)

I am a qualified/licenced Anma-massage-shiatsu practitioner in Japan (as well as acupuncture).

Some forms of Asian origin massage and Shiatsu are popular yet Anma Japanese massage is rarely taught and practiced in Australia. So I decided to teach (with my vocational teaching qualification) and spread Anma Japanese massage in Melbourne where I live.

Anmaya Traditional Japanese Massage stall started its trade at Queen Victoria Market at the end of September 2018.

After 2 months, our stall has genuine Anma Japanese massage therapists and became very popular at QVM.

We are looking forward to seeing you at QVM on Summer night market (till March) and on weekends.

Our location may be different each day.

So please check our or contact QVM Visitor Hub.

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