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Welcome to my new website

Hi, my name is Yoshie (Yoshi) Asahara, a Japanese acupuncturist, one of experienced clinicians in Melbourne.

Thank you for visiting my new website of Chudo Japanese Acupuncture & Massage (a happier medium P/L).

Since I opened Chudo clinic in the beautiful Block Arcade 4 years ago, I have seen more than 500 clients. Thank you for seeing me. Half of them haven't got acupuncture before and referred by their family and/or friends. I am happy to share them wonderful, positive aspects of acupuncture with you.

For this occasion, I have updated my qi-regulating and also blood- regulating acupuncture Japanese style and named "Chudo Protocol". Because I treat and regulate both qi and blood simultaneously, most of clients get better after 1 or 2 treatments.

Other than Chudo Protocol acupuncture, I newly introduce orthodox acupuncture consultations/treatments, which are suitable for people who want to build the healing force gradually.

If you don't know what Japanese acupuncture is like, please read the next entry.

Yours in health & wellbeing,


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